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The Municipality of Strumień (Silesia) is the northernmost part of the country of Cieszyn. In its administrative limits are seven towns: Bąków, Pruchna, Drogomyśl, Strumień, Zabłocie, Zabłocie Solanka and Zbytków. Due to presence of numerous ponds and water basins, the municipality is called ’’Frog Country”. The municipality has nearly 12.5 thousand inhabitants, which more than 3.5 thousand live in Strumień. This is one of the smallest town in Silesia with the oldest town hall and market square.


Two important roads run through the municipality: the international leading to the border crossing in Cieszyn and domestic Katowice-Ustroń Wisła, populary called Wiślanka (Route 81). The municipality is surrounded by large cities. These include Żory, Cieszyn, Bielsko-Biała, Jastrzębie Zdrój and Pszczyna.

Culture and Recreation

The inhabitants are happy to participate in the cultural events. Thanks to their enormous commitment numerous performances, festivals or events take place. In Spring there are organized Easter passions.

In the City Park in Strumień, located just 4 km from Wiślanka, tourists that are tired of the way will find solace in true coastal climate. There is a brine fountain in the park, which flows from the original brine Zabłocie. Thanks to the fountain there is a maritime climate throughout the park, with a very high content of iodine. Playground with sandpit and outdoor chess will help the youngest to relax.

Urban Culture and Recreation Centre – In the object there is an outdoor pool with a dual waterslide, tennis courts, squash courts and a playground for children. It is also the seat of the Municipal Cultural Centre, which works with various organizations and associations operating in the municipality. One of the biggest, flagship events organized by Urban Culture and Recreation Centre is The Old Town Spring which takes place during the first weekend of June. March is traditionally women´s month. National music stars come here with their concerts (Czesław Śpiewa, Raz Dwa Trzy, De Mono, Carrantouhill). In addition, children and young people can spend their free time in community centres located in Bąków, Drogomyśl, Pruchna, Zabłocie and Zbytków. These centres implement a number of interesting projects and initiatives.

Urban Public Library developes and satisfies the readers. It is a broker which disseminates knowledge and culture. The system of Urban Public Libraries make:

  • Rental office for adults
  • Section for Children
  • Internet and magazine reading place
  • General reading room
  • Branch in Drogomyśl
  • Branch in Pruchna
  • Branch in Zbytków

In the municipality there are 5 sport clubs, which have the necessary infrastructure.


Among others, the oldest town hall in Silesia from 1628, is located in Strumień, with a gallery under the Town Hall. A few hundred meters further stands the baroque sanctuary of St. Barbara from 1790, in front of which is the oldest patisserie in Podbeskidzie – U Szostka. The market is surrounded by charming town houses from eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In the middle stands a statue of Jesus Christ from 1886.

The municipality is rich in historical monuments, which are not only in the town but also in the rural administrative units. Drogomyśl can show Kalisz barons court built in baroque and neoclassical style, where currently are Therapy Workshops. In Pruchna next to the main road to Cieszyn stands a penitential cross from 1645, which at that time a killer set at the crime scene.


In every village in the municipality there is a kindergarten. There are five primary schools (in Bąków, Drogomyśl, Pruchna, Strumień and Zabłocie). Children can play on playgrounds, which are made as a part of the ‘’Playground in every village” initiative.

Moreover in the municipality there are 6 fire departaments, emergency medical service and police station.


Vratimov lies on the edge of Ostrava Basin, the area is located on a flat plateau with the lowest point altitude of 236m above the sea level, near the river Ostravica, and the highest point in the eastern part of the townat the level of 312 m above sea level. Currently, the town with Horni Datyně district has 7 130 inhabitats, covers an area of 1 414 hectares, administratively belongs to the district of Ostrava-city. In its vinicity are available industrial centres of Ostrava, Havířov, Karviná and Frýdek-Místek.

The town was founded in the second half of the thirteenthcentury – the period of colonization of Cieszyn. Its founder was Jan Barut from an old noble family of Lužica. Vratimov (formerly Ratimov) was originally an agricultural village, its vast fields belonged to a few large farms, which, overtime, and an increase of the population were sold for smaller parts.

The ewolution of industry began only in 1880, when the construction of a cellulose fabrict had begun (launched in 1882), whichwas alsoassociated with the extension of the railway station and the construction of newroads. Paper and cellulose factory in Vratimov with metal rolling mills in Lískovec and Nová Hutou in Kunčice, now Arcelor Mittal Ostrava company, created a large industrial centre from this region.

The history and tradition of the townarerepresented on its coat of arms, where is anard, showing the most ancienttradition of the town – agriculturalproduction, next a gear and rolls of paper which symbolize the metallurgical production and productionof cellulose and paper.

The cellulose fabric and papermillwereclosed in 1991. Then smallerprivatecompaniesbegan to develop, most inhabitantscommute to work in nearbylargercities.

The advantages of living in Vratimov are very good social facilities. The city has good bus and rail links. Inhabitants have several dental and specialist clinics, and in terms of education – beyond primary schools and kindergartens there is also Vratimov children and adolescents facility, Elementary School of Arts and Public Library. The inhabitants are informed about the everyday life of the town, but also about the curiosities and events by the local newspaper – ‘’Vratimovské noviny.”

In their spare time, the inhabitants are involved in a number of local organizations and associations that prepare various cultural and integration events e.g. Volunteer Fire Brigade Teams, TJ (Tělovychovná jednota – Association of Physical Culture) Horni Datyně, tennis, volleyball, football, table tennis, skiing and climbing clubs, TJ Sokol Vratimov, fishing, gardeners, beekeepers, bikers, tourists, retireesassociations, and manyothers.

There was opened a Weapons Museum in Vratimov where are military armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles ARMY-LAND.

These organizations, together with town authorities, take care about raising the level of cultural life and social development in Vratimov and Horni Datyně. It focuses primarily in cultural centres, located in both districts. Their part are also meeting rooms, a cinema and galleries, where take place interesting concerts, exibitions and theatrical performances, balls, games and carnivals. The events that are the most popular are: the celebration of Children’s and Halloween Day, Bludičky, kácení máje, Mikulášská nadílka ( Saint Nicholas Day), Šibřinky (masked balls) and Vánoční nadílka (Christmas Eve).

Inhabitants sport activities are supported by a newly renovated swimming pool with pool from stainless steel, heated pool, and water features, outdoor stadium, tennis courts, tennis clubs, volleyball Falcon hall and gymnastic hall in Horní Datyně.

The vicinity of the town is great for cycling – an averagely undulated, wooded, with good roads and forests paths, as well as numerous taverns and restaurants. A cycle path from Kunčice to Frýdka-Místek was built near Ostravica river, which runs through the beautiful recreational areas near two cascades of the river in Vratimov.

About project

The project "Active on the Border" is run by Strumien’s community in partnership with the city of Vratimov. It was financed by the Microproject Fund of the Euroregion Silesian Cieszyn - Těšínské Slezsko under the Interreg V-A Program Czech Republic - Poland and the state budget. The aim of the project is to renew and deepen the cooperation of Strumien and Vratimov communities. Meetings of children, youth and locals of twin towns are planned within the project in order to get to know each other better, to establish successful cooperation and simply to make friends.

There will be 5 cross-border events - three on the Polish side and two on the Czech side. Children and adults will meet in sports competitions and will also take part in traditional events like learning to bake bread, making butter and getting to know the customs of the people. Adults from Poland will visit the partner city, and the Czechs will join with their performance on the Harvest Festival in Drogomysl, so they learn about the Polish harvesting tradition. Moreover, a square at school in Drogomysl has been adapted as „Friendly Square”, which will provide additional facilities for school to do more sport and recreational activities with colleagues from Czech Republic. Open air paintings, chess games and other integration meetings will be held there. Through the project and together with our neighbors from abroad we would like to create opportunities for cooperation of local communities. Making meetings and sharing fun will help to remove barriers, create friendship, bond and integrate our target groups - local communities. In this way we can get to know ourselves, our customs, traditions, culture and the places we live in. We can break stereotypes about both countries and that is the purpose of the project - to get to know each other, to make friends, to create the solid foundation for further successful cooperation.

The project runs from January to November 2017. The City of Strumien and the City of Vratimov officially signed a cooperation agreement in 2014.

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